BarCamp Canterbury is a free unconference in the heart of the historic city of Canterbury.


Based in the historic city of Canterbury in the heart of Kent.


One full day of crazyness and fun, June 2015.

Unconference It's what you make of it

BarCamp Canterbury is an unconference that is a completely free to attend and based loosely around the theme of technology.

As an unconference, the content of BarCamp Canterbury is provided by you, the attendees! Meet with like-minded people, share your ideas and engage in discussions. Do you have a topic you’d like to present? Sign up on the day to give a talk.

Image CC NC-BY-SA Tris Linnell

Image CC BY-SA Hans Musil

Bigger and better than ever before

This year’s BarCamp Canterbury promises to be bigger and better than before. There will be a hackspace, social area for chilling out, and several rooms for people to give presentations and host discussions.

This year’s event follows successful BarCamp Canterbury events in the last three years, which welcomed over 150 delegates from all around the UK (and further afield).

Coming? What you need to know.

So you have decided that BarCamp sounds awesome, and you want to attend? Check out this check list of things you should do.

Image CC NC-BY-SA Tris Linnell