BarCamp Canterbury

A free-to-attend tech unconference in the city of Canterbury


BarCamp Canterbury is a free-to-attend unconference.

The content of BarCamp Canterbury is provided by the attendees.


Based in the historic city of Canterbury in the heart of Kent.

Woolf College

The venue has been generously donated by the University of Kent: School of Computing


Possibly November 2020.



BarCamp Canterbury is an unconference that is completely free-to-attend and based loosely around the theme of technology.

As an unconference, the content of BarCamp Canterbury is provided by you, the attendees! Meet with like-minded people, share your ideas and engage in discussions.

If you you have a topic you’d like to present, pick a timeslot on-the-day to give a talk.

We hope to be back in action soon ...

Previous events which welcomed over 150 delegates from all around the UK (and further afield).

See snippets from previous events:

Coming? What you need to know

So you have decided that BarCamp sounds awesome, and you want to attend? Check out this check list of things you should do.

  1. Decide if you'd like to give a talk.
  2. Turn up on the day.


Talks 💬

On the day we will share a link to the session grid. If you'd like to give a talk, you simply add the details of the talk to the grid. It's as easy as that!

Need ideas for the topic of your talk?

Talks can be about just about anything. Although talks tend to be tech-related, there's no strict requirement for them to be. Attendees don't have to give a talk, although we do encourage everyone to get involved in some way.

Talk slots are 30mins

All eventrooms will have whiteboards and projectors with VGA or HDMI connectivity


Are you ... a wizard? 🧙

Last Year

Last year we had talks about home automation, car mechanics, automating stage lighting, building digital badges, science of creating vegan cheese, bio-hacking, and more ...

Our theme was loosely based on 'The Fifth Element' with digital interactive badges and intriguing team based puzzles

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Swap Shop ↹

Do you have any unloved/unwanted gadgets, cables, tools, boards, tech, bits, stuff?

Donate any working bits that someone else could use in an upcoming projects.

One persons junk is another persons treasure!

After Event 🎉

After the main event there will be a social gathering nearby. More details will be announced closer to the date.

Free Food! 🍕

Thanks to our generous sponsors and supporters, lunch and snacks will be provided!

(As this is a free event we may not be able to provide food for all dietary requirements)


If you would like to sponsor BarCamp Canterbury, please read the additional sponsorship details and email us.

Previous Virtual/Online/LiveStreamed Event


While the UK was in lockdown because of Covid-19; we ran a mini proof of concept online streamed event on Saturday 9th May 2020

We had 5 great speakers and a solid 20 live viewers. We had a good stream of live comments and followup discussions on Discord.

It was really nice to get our small community together online.


You can view recordings of our live streams on YoutubeLive and FacebookLive

Future Streaming?

This was a good proof of concept event. We may consider streaming more of our event talks.


We would like to thank our supporters who have helped to make BarCamp Possible.

BarCamp supporters have contributed time, money or wares to help support this event.